For many students, financial aid covers a significant part of their educational costs. Some students need additional options to help pay for part or all of the tuition, fees, room and board.

Wilson College realizes that many families are unable to pay the full cost at the beginning of every semester. We offer several options for students and their families.

  • Interest-free Monthly Payment Plan – The interest-free monthly payment plan is available for 5 months (semester) or up to 12 months (academic year) for Traditional students to pay the outstanding balance not covered by financial aid. The family can arrange for the payments to be automatically deducted from a bank account or a credit card on the 20th of every month.   There is a $70 or $85 enrollment fee through ACI Paymentss. More information is available from the Business Office
  • Payment on Account - Payments may be made on the student's account by debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) or e-check through a secure site
  • International Wire Transfer- Wilson College has parternered with Western Union Business Solutions to provide an easier way to wire transfer payment.  To obtain banking information in your local currency click on the  secure link
  • Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) – A parent with a good credit history may borrow the difference between the student’s cost of education and any awarded financial aid. This federal loan often has lower interest rates and more favorable repayment options than many consumer loans. The process may be started through the Financial Aid Office or online.
  • Alternative Loans – Students may apply for additional funds through private lenders. If the student does not have a credit history, then a co-signer will be needed. These private loans may also cover non-educational costs such as horse boarding or assist non-degree seeking students or those who enroll less than half time. Repayment options often begin after the student leaves Wilson.  The minimum monthly payment amounts and interest rates vary by lender.

Payment Information

The College will bill the fees for the fall semester in July and for the spring semester in December. Each student must check the Wilson College portal for their student bill. Bills are no longer mailed to students. Payment is due on or before the published date for the applicable semester. Students may need to participate in a tuition payment plan in order to meet financial obligations associated with their education. Students should contact the Student Services Center to obtain information about the payment plan.

Payment plan payments begin in the fall semester for a 12-month period. The payment plan covers both fall and spring semesters, beginning July 20 and ending June 20. Payments made in the fall semester will be credited to spring semester, allowing student accounts to be paid in full by the end of the spring semester.

Non-Payment of Charges

Students are not permitted to register for classes in any new semester if their account for the previous semester has not been paid. Grades, academic transcripts, certificate of withdrawal and the diploma will not be issued unless all financial obligations to Wilson College have been met.


Invoices are not mailed to students.  Students are required to check their student portal and Wilson College e-mail account for any balance related information.


Approved payment arrangements include:


The published due dates for invoices are as follows:

  • Fall Semester – July 30
  • J-term – December 15
  • Spring Semester – January 1
  • Summer I – May 1
  • Summer II – June 15
You may find additional information online about the monthly payment plan at ACI Payments

Withdrawal and Refunds Policy

Students who reduce their course load (except for full-time undergraduates maintaining 12 semester hours or more) by dropping or withdrawing from classes during the refund period of the semester will have the tuition refund calculated as of the date of the course drop. Discontinuing attendance from class or notifying the instructor does not constitute an official course drop. Without an official course drop, students will be responsible for all tuition. The date of the drop or withdrawal is based on the date that the student notifies the Registrar’s Office in writing and is not based on attendance.

Tuition refund periods are based on the length of the course. Depending upon attendance and withdrawal dates, a student’s financial aid may be adjusted accordingly. Federal financial aid regulations require the college to prorate financial aid for students who withdraw from all courses through 60% of the enrollment period even after initial aid disbursement.

If you plan to withdraw from your course(s), please contact your Student Services Counselor and/or Financial Aid, so that you are fully aware of how your withdrawal may impact your bill and financial aid.

Once the semester begins, there is no refund for any fees or housing charges. Meal plans are prorated. Tuition refunds for withdrawal from full-semester classes (14-15 week courses) are based on the following schedule:

Period of Withdrawal   Refund Charge
* First week of semester   100% 0%
Second week of semester  75% 25%
Third week of semester 50% 50%
Fourth week of semester   25% 75%

Once the semester begins, there is no refund for any fees or housing charges. Meal plans are prorated. Tuition refunds for withdrawal from compressed formats (7-9 week courses) are based on the following schedule:

Period of Withdrawal   Refund Charge
* Days 1 to 3 100% 0%
Days 4 to 6 75% 25%
Days 7 to 9 50% 50%
Days 10 to 12 25% 75%

Please note that days reflect calendar days, not business days.

Courses that run on alternate compressed formats (less than 7 week courses) are prorated based on comparable periods. Please contact your Student Services Counselor to determine a refund, if any, before withdrawing from a course.

*The refund schedule does not follow the same schedule as the add/drop period.

Updated January 2019