Exploring reality and the world as we know it

A degree in philosophy from Wilson College will equip students with the logic, ethics and critical thinking skills needed to pursue professional careers in law, government, business, science and more.

Philosophy students will consider such issues as how to lead a fulfilling life, the rights of animals and nature, and the limits of human freedom and knowledge. Easily coupled with a primary major in another field such as religious studies, sociology or literature, the philosophy major provides an open environment for dialogue surrounding the figures and texts that have shaped human thought through time.


Philosophy course tracks

  • Philosophy major
  • Philosophy minor
  • Interdisciplinary minor in ethics (religious studies/philosophy)


Featured Course

Love and Friendship: What's the difference between romance and friendship? How do we understand the tensions between loving particular others, such as our family members, and the moral demand to love all others as we love ourselves? Join Professor John Elia for this Summer I Online course where you'll become familiar with competing accounts of love and friendship, and analyze cultural expressions of love and friendship in the arts, sciences and media.


Spotlight on Student Work

"The present is not hard for me, except on the days that my mother asks me, 'Why do the bad things always happen to the good people?' Or some days, like yesterday, when for the first time in my life I heard my mother admit she will be wheelchair bound. The future is the hardest.”

- A Wilson student reflects on the meaning of suffering. Read full article.