Trustees:   Robin J. Bernstein, Committee Chair
                  Lynne E. DiStasio ’74, Alumnae Association President
                  Lisbeth S. Luka ’69
                  Mary Jo Maydew
                  James A. Orsini
                  Patricia C. Shea
                  Phoebe H. Stevenson
Faculty:     Philip Lindsey, Professor of Fine Arts
                 Tonia Hess-Kling, Associate Professor of Exercise and Sport Science
Staff:         Rev. Derek Wadlington, Helen Carnell Eden Chaplain
                  Melissa Imes ’91, Office of the President Chief of Staff
Student:    Megan Potter, Class of 2020, WCGA President-elect
Board of Trustees Ad Hoc Committee to Assist in the Search for an Interim-President
Trustees:   Robert M. Baker
                  Patricia C. Shea
                  Maxine L. Gindlesperger ’98