A key goal of the Richard Alsina Fulton Center for Sustainable Living (FCSL) is to pursue and demonstrate techniques for sustainable energy generation.  Our society has entered an era where in energy will become a concern for all of us.

Limited supplies of coal, petroleum, and other fossil fuels are leading to high energy prices and increased geopolitical instability.  Air and water pollution associated with extraction, transportation, and combustion of fossil fuels have led to concerns about global climate change and environmental health.  Atomic energy, while “cleaner burning”, has legitimate safety and waste disposal concerns.  Hydroelectric projects disrupt watershed ecosystems and negatively impact fish populations.

It is with these concerns in mind that the FCSL seeks to demonstrate sustainable, alternative energy techniques to students and the general population of our region.  Current projects include low-tech home energy solutions, a variety of solar electric applications, and energy conservation measures.


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