Member Appreciation Trip to the Eastern State Penitentiary

The Psychology Club assists students in exploring psychology-related careers and to work toward ending the negative stigma associated with mental illness. We hold field trips to different psychological organizations to get a feel for the work being done. Examples include Brook Lane and Franklin County’s Therapeutic Riding Center.  To help end stigma, we have planted sunflowers to represent depression outside of the Science Center and hosted speaker events on and off campus to discuss the difficulties that arise when facing mental illnesses.

●     Taylor Sanford: Co-president 
●     Heather Schuler: Co-president/Secretary 
●     Shallyn Fanjoy: Treasurer 
●     Jessica Rice: Activities Coordinator 

The Psychology Club, or just Psych Club, was created to educate those on psychology who are interested in it.

We try meet at least twice a month and we discuss fundraising plans, and possible trips that relate to psychology, such as visiting

In the past, we have gone on field trips, planted sunflowers around campus, done bake sales, and did study groups. 

Campus events:
When it comes to events on campus, we do bake sales and stress relief activities. 

Anyone on campus can join this club, major and/or minor does not matter. 

For more information, email or visit their Facebook page