Wilson College Reading Specialist Dr. Linda Swartz offers a variety of strategies to help students develop the reading and study skills that are critical to academic success. She tailors instruction in reading comprehension, note-taking and effective study strategies to students’ individual learning preferences. Her hours are provided below. Students may also email her at linda.swartz@wilson.edu for help coordinating appointments.  

When to consider signing up to meet with the reading specialist

  • As soon as you feel that your college courses might have challenges that your high school courses did not.
  • When you feel that your instructor’s teaching style does not match your learning style.
  • When all of the information in the text seems important and you don't know what you should study for the test.
  • When you have trouble focusing as long as required for college courses.
  • When you have trouble remembering information for a test.

Before meeting with the reading specialist

If you have not taken the learning styles self-assessment questionnaire, email Swartz (linda.swartz@wilson.edu) and you will be invited to a Canvas “course,” which is just the questionnaire. Your time will be much more valuable if you come with the information on your learning style(s).

What to bring to a meeting with the reading specialist

  • The results of your learning styles self-assessment questionnaire.
  • A textbook that is challenging for you.
  • Any handouts, PowerPoints and notes from that class.
  • Any particular questions/problems that you have.
  • Paper and pencil.

What students are saying about meeting with the reading specialist ...

"Before I knew what kind of learner I was and what to do about it, I tried lots of things and they just weren’t working.”
"Dr. Swartz has really helped me understand what study habits have hurt me and which ones have helped me successfully retain information for all my classes.”