Religious Studies Students

Courses in religion explore traditions around the globe.

Students on CampusStudents who choose a major or minor in religion at Wilson College will dive into questions that have plagued humanity for ages: What is the role of religion in public life? What should we do about inequality in the world? What is the meaning of life?

Often coupled with interdisciplinary courses in philosophy, religion classes deepen students’ understanding of religious traditions most often associated with western culture and values, as well as minority and nonwestern religions.


Religion course tracks

  • Religion major
  • Religion minor
  • Interdisciplinary minor in Ethics (Religion/Applied Ethics)


MLK Travel SeminarFeatured Course

RLS 270/370 - MLK Travel Seminar

Students traveled to Selma, Alabama to for an experiential learning course to study the activism of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The class examined the social and political dimensions of King's religion, including prayer, party politics, and nonviolence. Students filled journals and blog posts with personal reflections, essays, photos and mementos to document their spiritual "pilgrimage" to these historic sites. Read more about the trip in Wilson Magazine.




Lecture Series Speaker to Explore Topic of Fear