Scholarships play a key role in the financial aid offered to more than 95 percent of Wilson College students. Many of these endowments and funds exist because of the generosity of our alumnae, their families and friends of the college.

Scholarships make a significant difference in our ability to attract new students, retain accomplished scholars and increase Wilson's capacity to prepare students well for the complex world they face upon graduation.

Students do not need to complete a separate application for most of the scholarships listed below. Students who file a FASFA and meet specific qualifications will be considered for these awards.  Only the Competitive Scholarships require a separate application.



Merit Scholarships for First-Year Students (Fall 2017)

A student must be enrolled at Wilson College full-time to be eligible for a Merit Scholarship. Eligibility for the tuition Merit Scholarship ends with the completion of the eighth college semester or earning of the first bachelor’s degree.

Merit Scholarship levels:

Presidential Scholarship $12,000
Eligibility & Conditions:

a)   Enrolled in full college preparatory curriculum throughout high school
b)   Minimum of 4 college prep courses taken at advanced or honors level
c)   3.75 or higher cumulative GPA at point of admission
d)  Recipients not eligible for Curran Scholarship
e)   3.4 cum GPA at conclusion of each academic year to renew
*Homeschooled and cyber-schooled students also must demonstrate SAT results of 600 Verbal and 600 Math or a 27 ACT Composite.

Deans Scholarship $9,000
Eligibility & Conditions:

a)   Enrolled in full college preparatory curriculum throughout high school
b)   3.4 to 3.74 cumulative GPA at point of admission
c)   3.25 cum GPA at conclusion of each academic year to renew
*Homeschooled and cyber-schooled students also must demonstrate SAT results of 550 Verbal and 550 Math or a 24 ACT Composite.

Faculty Scholarship $3,000-$6,000
Eligibility & Conditions:

a)   15 mandatory college prep units as indicated
b)   3.0 to 3.39 cumulative GPA at point of admission
c)   3.0 cum GPA at conclusion of academic year to renew

*Homeschooled and cyber-schooled students also must demonstrate SAT results of 500 Verbal and 500 Math or a 22 ACT Composite.
College prep curriculum minimally includes:

4 units English                           2 units of science w/labs                     4 units of Social Studies
Algebra I, II & Geometry            2 units of same foreign language




Competitive Scholarships - applications sent to admitted students


  • Hagop Bogigian Scholarship - Established from the estate of Hagop Bogigian, this full tuition scholarship is awarded to students of Armenian descent with a preference for citizens of Armenia. These awards are renewable for up to 4 years while attending Wilson College.  Only two students may receive this scholarship in any academic year.


  • The Curran Scholarships - Strong students with a proven history of service to community and/or church are invited to apply for Curran Scholarships. These renewable awards range from a minimum of $4,000 for freshmen up to $7,000 for upperclassmen. The annual amount is based on the student's eligibility from need-based work-study and student loan programs. Curran Scholars complete a 260-hour volunteer service requirement each academic year and take two classes in religion and/or philosophy while at Wilson College. In addition, recipients must attain at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average after their freshman year and at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average every year thereafter. A student who receives a Curran Scholarship will not also receive a work study award or a TASC Scholarship. Applications are available from the Office of Admissions to students who are not receiving the Presidential Merit Scholarship.The deadline for application is March 1.


  • TASC (The Alumnae-Student Contract) -Well-qualified fulltime undergraduates who otherwise may not be able to attend Wilson receive loans from a fund subsidized by alumnae, foundations, and other friends of the College. Awards are based on potential for leadership, academic merit, and character. Students selected as TASC Scholars receive $1,500 per academic year and, after graduation, repay $300 (interest-free) for each year they received TASC assistance. TASC Scholars who do not graduate from Wilson repay all TASC money received. Applications, due no later than March 1, are available in the Admissions Office. TASC cannot be combined with a Curran award. TASC Scholars must maintain satisfactory academic progress.


  • Class of 1952 Scholarship in Liberal Arts, Sciences and Education - The Wilson College Class of 1952 will extend a $1,000 scholarship to a first time freshman or transfer applicant who intends to receive teacher certification in one of the following fields: Elementary Education or Secondary Education in Biology, Chemistry, English, Environmental Studies, Foreign Language, Mathematics, or Social Studies as well as students who plan to major in one of the Liberal Arts or Sciences. Candidates should have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA in their high school work. The scholarship is for one year only. The deadline for application is March 1.



  • Carrie Westfall McCormick Scholarship (preference given to students preparing to teach)
  • Class of 1952 Scholarship in Liberal Arts, Sciences and Education (for first-time or transfer student pursuing teacher certification in these fields)
  • Suzanne Hodgson Gottling ’56 Scholarship Endowment

Financial Need

(* denotes student must be of good academic achievement)

  • Abraham and Mary Cohen Jacobs Scholarship*
  • Allfirst Bank Scholarship* (now M&T Bank)
  • Arline E. Shannon Scholarship Endowment*
  • A.K. Wright Scholarship*
  • AICUP Scholarship - UPS*
  • Carrie Westfall McCormick Scholarship (* and preference given to students preparing to teach)
  • Class of 1954 Memorial Scholarship*
  • Class of 1905 in memory of Mabel Gallagher Wilson*
  • Class of 1950 Scholarship Endowment*
  • Dr. Carl E. Seifert Memorial Scholarship (* and preference for women students who have interest in French or Latin)
  • Elizabeth and Lawrence Dunlap Scholarship (* and preference given to students applying from Lancaster Day School)
  • Ella May Coover Logan Scholarship*
  • The Ester L. Saanum and Julian E. Jensen Memorial Scholarship*
  • Fannie W. and W. Stanford Hilton Scholarship*
  • Marguerite McGregor ’51 Scholarship Endowment*
  • Peter and Sara Jo Mazur Scholarship*
  • Veronica Storey Rollka Memorial Scholarship*


Foreign Languages

  • The Marjorie Adair ’48 and Richard H. Parsons Scholarship Endowment (preference given to a U.S. citizen/student taking languages)
  • Mary Belle McElwain – Class of 1898-Scholarship
  • Nancy Jane Criswell – Class of 1889-Scholarship


History and Political Science

  • Charlotte I. Davison ’63 History Scholarship
  • Dorothy E. and Leroy Straight Scholarship
  • Julia Dunn Howells ’37 Scholarship


Science Scholarships

  • Eleanor Lowe Leaman and William G. Leaman Jr., M.D., Scholarship
  • The Janet Hess Garis ’48 Scholarship for Science
  • Peggy Hurst ’46 Memorial Scholarship (preference for student in sophomore or junior year majoring in chemistry, physics, biology or mathematics)
  • Scholarship to Enhance Biology and Chemistry Learning and Research (SEBCLAR)
  • Viola Ohler ’35 and William H. Phillips Scholarship Endowment (preference given to full-time residential students majoring in mathematics or chemistry)


Study Abroad - Global Citizenship Initiative ─ International Students

  • Charlotte Klein Swaim Scholarship Endowment
  • CV Starr Scholarship Endowment
  • Elizabeth Swain Havens Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Titzel Scholarship
  • Global Scholarship Endowment
  • Global Student Exchange Scholarship
  • The Hagop Bogigian Scholarship (women of Armenian descent are eligible)
  • Howard and Elizabeth Guest Endowment for Cross Cultural Understanding
  • Helen L. and Edmund B. Redington and Mary Redington Galbraith Scholarship
  • International Scholarships
  • Lucy A. Bremmer ’51 Global Citizenship Service Learning Award Endowment
  • Patricia W. Telkins ’63 and Stephen Telkins Int'l Scholarship (preference for international students or students with interest in international affairs)
  • Mary McKnight Richards – Class of 1897-Memorial Fund
  • The Varter Bogigian Derarian Scholarship
  • Thomas and Peggy Hyde - for Spanish
  • Robert M and Brenda Ashton Aiken - to Italy for art study



  • C. Davison ’47 Mathematics Scholarship Endowment



  • Belle Snyder Criswell Scholarship
  • Eydth Thompson Voice Memorial Scholarship
  • Louise Collier Musical Scholarship Endowment
  • Margaret Wilson Philips Scholarship
  • Mabel I. Bashore Scholarship


Women With Children Scholarships

  • Elizabeth Patterson Weitzel ’10 Scholarship Endowment
  • Elizabeth Van Blarcom Shirk ’49 Scholarship Endowment
  • Gretchen Conn Carbaugh Scholarship Endowment
  • Guild Daycare Scholarship
  • The Harry A. Blackmun Endowment
  • Jane Troutman Ensminger ’52 and Richard Ensminger Scholarship Endowment
  • The Mary Elizabeth Hicks and John Temple Evans Memorial Scholarship
  • Suzanne Hodgson Gottling ’56 Scholarship Endowment
  • Esther Lydia Saanum and Julian Emil Jensen Endowment
  • The Catherine Henry Dimmick Memorial Scholarship (preference given to full-time residential students who are single mothers)
  • The Sylvia Scalera Davison ’44 and Mary Meinecke Dee ’44 Scholarship
  • Thomas F. and Kathleen W. Kimes ’52 Women with Children Scholarship
  • The Baker Family Scholarship


Endowments to Fund Daycare for Women With Children Participants

  • Anne Du Daycare Scholarship
  • Christian Jessen Daycare Scholarship (preference given to children of single mothers who are full-time students and whose children attend W.C. Day Care Center)
  • Dorothy L. Stabler Daycare Scholarship Endowment (preference given to children of single mothers who are full-time students and whose children attend W.C. Day Care Center)
  • Edith McKinny and Willard P. Graham Daycare Scholarship Endowment (preference given to children of single mothers who are full-time students and whose children attend W.C. Day Care Center)
  • Joan Mitchell ’63 and Daniel E. Wiley Child Care Scholarship (for child care for children of single mothers enrolled as full-time residential students)


Community Service/Leadership/Activities

  • The Alumnae-Student Contract (TASC) Scholarship Program (a loan program for students showing potential for leadership, academic merit and character)
  • Curran Scholarship Endowment
  • Filomena Massa Memorial Service Scholarship
  • Marilyn Houser '48 Scholarship Endowment


Unrestricted Scholarships

  • Adelaide Hunt Rowe ’14 Scholarship
  • Anna F. Wells Scholarship
  • Anna Louise Sybrandt Scholarship
  • Anne Petralito Scholarship
  • Alice McDannell ’57 and Ray Drum Scholarship Endowment
  • Ann M. Ewing Ph.D. Memorial Scholarship
  • Anna L. Savacool Scholarship Endowment
  • Anne Morgan Horner Scholarship
  • Arline Eshleman Shannon Scholarship Endowment
  • The Beatrice Fenner Blackadar ’42 Endowment
  • Belle McLellan Pomeroy Scholarship
  • Bernice Cole Prentis Scholarship
  • Betsy Coen Trapuzzano Scholarship Endowment
  • Business Partner Endowed Scholarship
  • Caroline P. Bair Scholarship
  • Charlotte Gemmill ’20 Restricted Scholarship
  • Charity Packer Buchanan Scholarship
  • Clair Wheeler Shepler Scholarship
  • Class of 1919 Centennial Scholarship
  • Class of 1923 Scholarship
  • Cora Elizabeth Lutz Scholarship
  • Col. Thomas A. Scott Memorial Scholarship
  • The Charles S. Coen and Mary Coen Foundation Scholarship Endowment
  • The Margaret Criswell Disert ’20 Honors Scholarship Endowment
  • Dorcas Thomas Memorial Scholarship
  • Dorothy E. G. Teckmeyer Scholarship Fund in Honor of the Class of 1930
  • The Warren N. Nevius Scholarship Endowment
  • Emily Ritner Alter Werkheiser ’24 and Isabel McFarlane Alter Hill ’18 Scholarship Endowment
  • Edwin T. and Mary Niemyer Hollinger Scholarship
  • Eleanor Martin Allen Scholarship Endowment
  • Eleanor F. Rodisch ’40 Scholarship
  • Eleanor S. Hall-Class of 1909 – Scholarship
  • Elizabeth C. Gallagher Scholarship
  • Ella B. Everitt Scholarship
  • Ethelbert Warfield Scholarship
  • Eunice Abbie Dickinson ’19 Scholarship
  • Eleanor Martin Allen Scholarship
  • Eleanor Stuart Fulton Restricted Scholarship
  • Elizabeth S. Baird Scholarship
  • Elizabeth McGeorge Sullivan Education Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Robb Endowed Scholarship
  • Endowment Scholarships
  • The Franklin Financial Scholarship Endowment (F&M Trust)
  • Fannie W. and W. Stanford Hilton Scholarship
  • Gail Scott Kurtz Scholarship Endowment
  • Dorothy L. Gettinger and Fern M. Gettinger ’24 Memorial Scholarship
  • Helen Ininger Scholarship Endowment
  • The Howard R. Tate and Agnes Helen Holden Tate ’15 Scholarship Endowment
  • Helen V. Martin – Class of 1908 – Scholarship
  • Judith C. Hellfach ’52 Scholarship Endowment
  • H.E.R. Scholarship
  • J. G. Reaser Memorial Scholarship
  • J. K. Russell Scholarship
  • Jane R. Ross Scholarship
  • Jean Stapleton Scholarship Endowment
  • Jean Dill Scholarship
  • John C. and Emilie K. McDowell Scholarship
  • Joseph Clark Scholarship
  • Joseph Roszkowski Memorial Scholarship
  • Katie E. Hershey Memorial Scholarship
  • Lennox Endowed Scholarship
  • Lillia Babbitt Hyde Scholarship
  • Louise Lindsay McKnight Scholarship
  • Louise Howell ’38 Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • The M. Kathryn Glick Scholarship Endowment
  • Margaret and Martha Jamison Scholarship
  • Marjorie Faix Brown Bletcher ’42 Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Mary E. Diamond ’34 Scholarship
  • Mary Louise Tinkler ’45 Scholarship
  • Mary McCleary Lupfer Scholarship
  • Mary Salome Billmeyer Baker
  • Mernie Turrell Howorth Memorial Scholarship
  • Monticello Scholarship – In Memory Of Esther Anne Wright Keller
  • Marguerite McGregor ’51 Scholarship Endowment
  • Marilyn Houser ’48 Scholarship Endowment
  • Marion M. McAtee Scholarship
  • Mary E. Moore ’31 Scholarship
  • Mary I. Stephens ’50 Scholarship
  • Mary Keeny Eberly ’25 Scholarship Endowment
  • Mary Margaret Forney ’37 Scholarship Endowment
  • Miriam C. Matthews ’17 and Miriam M. Haddad ’47 Scholarship
  • Nancy Foster Craig and Nancy Pearl Craig Scholarship
  • Nellie McIlvaine Hoopes Scholarship
  • Norman O. Huber Scholarship
  • Mrs. N. Milton Woods Scholarship
  • Mr. N. Milton Woods Scholarship
  • Mrs. William T. Scheide Memorial Scholarship
  • Olga Bozzan Bastin ’26 Scholarship
  • Patricia W. Telkins '63 and Stephen Telkins Int'l Scholarship
  • Paula Hoch Highman Scholarship Endowment
  • Peggy Hurst ’46 Memorial Scholarship
  • Phyllis King Smith ’43 Scholarship
  • Porter S. Kier Scholarship
  • Pomeroy Family Scholarship
  • Ruth Fagley Codington ’37 Memorial Scholarship
  • S. Elizabeth Yaukey ’31 and Charles A. Bikle Scholarship Endowment
  • The Ester L. Saanum and Julian E. Jensen Memorial Scholarship
  • Sarah Cocharan Coppes Scholarship
  • Sarah Elizabeth Burns Scholarship
  • Surdna Foundation Scholarship
  • Scholarship Fund Restricted
  • Shover Memorial Endowment Scholarship
  • Florence C. Strouss and Charlotte Newcombe Foundation Scholarship
  • The Barron Blewett Hunnicutt Memorial Scholarship
  • The Burger/McClay Scholarship Endowment
  • The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Scholarship Fund
  • The Edwards Scholarship
  • The Madame Helena Rubenstein Scholarship
  • The Alumnae Association Scholarship
  • The Sarah Anderson Memorial Scholarship
  • The Van Looy Scholarship
  • Theodore B. Westgate Scholarship
  • Verna Parker Scholarship Endowment
  • Wilson College Club of Pittsburgh Scholarship



National Presbyterian College Scholarships

These awards are made to superior students preparing to enter as full-time incoming freshmen in one of the participating colleges related to the Presbyterian Church (USA), such as Wilson College. Applicants must be active members of the Presbyterian Church (USA), be high school seniors, be US citizens or permanent residents, and demonstrate financial need. Awards range from $250 to $1500 per academic year and are renewable for four years. Applications are available from Wilson's financial aid office and must be filed by March 1 of the student's senior year in high school. Academic transcripts including SAT/ACT scores and financial aid information will be submitted between March 1 and April 1. Applications are also available online.



Affiliation Scholarships


The following $1,000 scholarships are awarded automatically to fulltime, matriculated undergraduate students. These are awarded on a rolling basis; there is NO application deadline. Students eligible for more than one of these scholarships receive just one. Awards are renewable for up to four years provided that recipients enroll fulltime and maintain satisfactory academic progress. No affiliation scholarships are offered for study during the summer or to students who already hold a baccalaureate degree.

  • Alumna Daughter/Son Tuition Scholarship - Daughters and granddaughters, sons and grandsons of Wilson College, Penn Hall Junior College, and Tift College alumnae
  • Presbyterian Student Tuition Scholarship - Active members of the Presbyterian Church (USA) A letter from the student's minister, on church letterhead, will be used to document eligibility.
  • Franklin County Tuition Scholarship - Legal residents of Franklin County, Pennsylvania, receive a scholarship. Eligibility is based on parents' residence in the case of dependent students.  Commuter students will receive $500 and residential students will receive $1000.
  • Transfer Student Tuition Scholarship - Students who graduate with an associate degree from one of the following institutions will receive a scholarship each academic year: Central Penn College, Cottey College, Frederick Community College, Hagerstown Community College, Harcum College, Harrisburg Area Community College, Howard Community College, Lehigh-Carbon Community College, and Luzerne County Community College.
  • Pony Club -Pony Clubbers with a rating of C-3 or higher who have a high school GPA of 3.0 or better in a college preparatory curriculum and the recommendation of their district commissioner.
  • Girl Scout Gold Award -Students who have achieved the Gold Award and who have at least a 3.0 high school GPA in a college preparatory curriculum will be eligible for this scholarship. The student's Girl Scout leader or Council needs to provide a letter that the student has received this award.
  • Boy Scout Eagle Scout Award - Students who have achieved the Eagle Scout Award and who have at least a 3.0 high school GPA in a college preparatory curriculum will be eligible for this scholarship. The student's Boy Scout leader or Council needs to provide a letter that the student has received this award.
  • Wohelo Award - Students who have achieved the Wohelo Medallion Award and who have at least a 3.0 high school GPA in a college preparatory curriculum will be eligible for this scholarship. The student's Campfire leader or Council needs to provide a letter that the student has received this award.




Specialty Scholarships

  • Twins and Triplets Scholarship -Wilson College offers a scholarship to one set of twins and one set of triplets annually. The scholarship for twins is 45% of tuition for each student; both students need to enroll full-time each semester. For triplets, the scholarship is 45% of tuition; all three students need to be enrolled full-time each semester. These scholarships cannot be combined with other merit or affiliation scholarships awarded by the college with the exception of the SEMLAR and Disert awards. All the recipients must continue to enroll at Wilson College fulltime. Students may receive this scholarship for a maximum of four years as long as they maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined in the college catalogue. Priority will be given to students who will reside on campus.
  • Military Survivors Scholarship -Military Survivors Scholarship -Wilson College recognizes the ultimate sacrifice that many men and women made of their lives during the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Wilson will provide tuition scholarships to two full-time children.
  • Twin Towers/Pentagon/Flight 93 Tuition Scholarship - Two fulltime tuition scholarships may be awarded each year to the dependant children of victims lost or permanently disabled in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks; including children of those police, fire safety, or medical personnel who were killed or suffered debilitating injuries in their attempt to rescue those who were victims of the attacks. The recipients of these scholarships must reside on campus and must meet the admissions requirements necessary for acceptance to Wilson College. The scholarships will continue to be awarded through the 2018-19 year pending eligible applicants.