SEEDS summer camp provides kids with a happy, healthy and rewarding summer experience in a safe and clean environment. Each camper will receive instruction through four different courses that will enrich their minds by teaching them skills and knowledge they can use in everyday life.

SEEDS Summer Camp Dates and Hours:

June 24 - 28, 2019
July 8 - 12, 2019
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Who can attend?

SEEDS summer camp accepts children who have just completed grades K-6. Each course is set up to place your child with others in the same age range. Not all courses are available for all age groups.


$200/child/week (we will provide 2 snacks through out the day but each camper must bring their own lunch)

All children who attended SEEDS in a previous year receive a 25% discount on their 2019 registration fee. Any parent who is listed in the "Referred by" section on the registration form for 3 new attendees in 2019 will receive 25% off their child's fee.



2019 SEED Course Offerings

Each child will be placed in 4 courses per week based on their order of preference and availability. Some courses may not run or may fill up quickly.

Colonial Life (K-3 and 4-6): A living history demonstration allows you to not only observe life in Colonial America, but to also take part in typical activities from that time, such as churning butter and playing children’s games.
Exercise Science (K-3 and 4-6): By joining in various fun physical activities, you will learn how amazing the human body is (and burn off some energy before pick up)!

Math Logic Puzzles (K-3 and 4-6): Have fun while challenging your logical thinking skills! Logic puzzles strengthen problem solving, giving you a foundation for thinking outside of the box to find solutions in life. 
Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? (K-3 and 4-6): Travel the world and learn about geography while solving clues to help Carmen Sandiego stop VILE from stealing important cultural treasures from around the globe.

Board Games (K-3 and 4-6): It’s time to bring out the creativity and design and create a brand new fun board game, sure to replace your current family game night favorites.
Junior Mad Scientists (K-3 and 4-6): Whether you are looking for a fun way to spark your interest in science or just a fun week of activities, Junior Mad Scientist class is perfect. You will have the chance to experiment through interactive and hands-on science activities, instilling a love of learning for young scientists.

World Culture Crafts (K-3 and 4-6): The world is filled with a lot of interesting cultures. This course will not only explore the history of a different culture each day, but inspire you through creating your own craft based on a significant or important piece of that culture.
Personalized Crafts (K-3 and 4-6): Through creating door signs, jewelry, and other crafts for yourself, this course will teach you various craft making techniques that you can use to make personalized gifts for friends and family, or even turn into a small business later in life.

Dance And Movement (K-3): Through music, fun games, and imagination, you'll learn the basics of dance, and a perform a short choreographed piece at the end of the week!
Storytime Crafts (K-3): Using crafts to help bring popular children’s books to life, we will help foster a lifetime love of reading while strengthening your listening and reading skills.
Write Your Own Story Book (4-6): Using our own illustrations and storytelling skills, we'll explore what goes into crafting a short story, resulting in your very own picture book.
Theatre (4-6): We'll explore theatre games, improv, and theatre fundamentals! We'll also learn how to perform a scene or two and create your own characters.
Musical Theatre Song And Dance (4-6): This course involves learning to sing a song, learning a dance, and putting it all together! We'll end with a fun performance of what we've learned!

Vocal Exploration (K-3): Explore all that your voice can do through singing folk and original songs made for young voices with a final song presentation.
My Own Melody – Do Re Mi (K-3): Learn & create songs using the musical alphabet, solfege.  Using manipulatives, you will compose and present an original song.
Telling A Story With Song (K-3): Based on children’s books, you will use rhythmic and melodic instruments to tell stories, with one final story presentation.
Song and Dance (K-3 and 4-6): Have fun learning folk songs and group dances with a final dance presentation where you will teach your parents.
Ensemble Singing (4-6): Learn songs using vocal technique that encourages independent & group singing skills with a final song presentation
Song Writing (4-6): Learn & create songs using the musical alphabet, solfege.  Using the musical staff, you will compose and present an original song.
Composing A Soundtrack (4-6): You will use rhythmic and melodic instruments to create music that accompanies a story with a final story & soundtrack presentation.  

What Bugs You (K-3 and 4-6): Did you know that that all bugs are insects but not all insects are bugs? Yes! It is true. Join in on the adventure and discover what makes each of these amazing creatures unique superheroes!
Field Walk For Budding Botanists (K-3 and 4-6): Here is your chance to explore the magic world of plants. On these adventures you will learn how to identify parts of plants and flowers, learn all about their families, friends and enemies, and even create your own nature journal where you will document all of your discoveries.
Stream Adventures (K-3 and 4-6): Do you want to go on a stream adventure? Well you are in luck because the fun is about to begin! In this class, you will not only climb over branches, scramble down hills, throw sticks and pebbles into the stream, and make your own boat to float down the stream, but also discover who lives in it!
Creating Art With Nature (K-3 and 4-6): This class is all about honoring the beauty found in Nature. Here you will create your own night light lanterns out of treasures from the woods and create Nature Sculptures! This class is all about discovering nature by walking through it and turning it into your art!



Complete and submit the online registration form for 2019 here.

All children who attended SEEDS in a previous year receive a 25% discount on their 2019 registration fee. Any parent who is listed in the "Referred by" section on the registration form for 3 new attendees in 2019 will receive 25% off their child's fee.