Senior Research Day


Cierra Mariano and Victoria Whitbred presented their senior theses on Senior Research Day, 2014.  Disert Scholar Morgan Shadle presented her Honors Thesis and also received the Anderson Psychology Prize, which goes to a senior for outstanding scholarship in psychology.


Cierra Mariano


Cierra Mariano Language Proficiency and Family Factors Influence on Academic Performance


Victoria Whitbred


Victoria Whitbred Time Management Differences between Student-Athletes and Non-Athletes


Morgan Shadle


2014 Disert Scholar, Morgan Shadle Effect of Autonomy, Relatedness, and Competence during Community Service on Prosociality



Past Senior Thesis Titles


Recent social science graduates demonstrated their understanding of the field through their senior theses. Below are some recent theses titles and where they were presented.





Samantha Baker – Reading Comprehension While Multitasking on Facebook


Brenda K. Wenklbauer – Incidence of Bullying: Same Gender vs. Mixed Gender




Debra Tibbits – Trauma and Its Effects on Physical and Cognitive Resilience


Marsha Decker – Contextual Influence as Evidence of an Interactive Model of Speed Perception





Alexandra Thorpe – Tomboyism and Stereotype Threat


Jennifer Tucker – Serotonin Transporter Gene Polymorphism (5-HTTLPR) and Anxiety




Destinee Hays – The Effects of Music on a Simple Multiplication Task


Ashely Overdorff – Ego-Depletion Effects and Resource Beliefs on a Cognitive Task




Tammy Clark – Treatment Seeking Barriers for African Americans: Racial Identity and Counselor Characteristics




Serenity LaToya Franklin – Status, Physical Attractiveness and the Impact of Relationship Context on Female Mate Selection


Nikola Grafnetterova Leadership, Women, and Athletic Participation: Are Female Students Attending Women's Colleges Less Susceptible to Stereotype Threat Than Students from Coeducational Institutions.