1. Oral Competency: The student can converse and present information orally in Spanish about important literary and/or cultural topics. (W1c)
  2. Written Competency: The student can compose a well-structured essay in Spanish about important literary and/or cultural topics, including a thesis statement and organized argument. (W1a/b)
  3. Grammatical Competency: The student demonstrates command of the Spanish language through correct usage of grammar and syntax.
  4. Literary Competency: The student can identify and interpret literary works of importance for peninsular Spain and/or Latin America. (W2b/c)
  5. Cultural Competency: The student demonstrates knowledge of the cultures of peninsular Spain and/or Latin America. (W2b/c)
  6. Diversity Competency: The student demonstrates awareness of historical issues of diversity and inequality (specifically in the areas of gender and race) within Hispanic cultures. (W5b)
  7. Research Competency: The student demonstrates the ability to conduct literary analysis and compose a research paper in Spanish that integrates a creative and innovative thesis with the original work of other literary scholars. (W3a/b)
  8. Disciplinary Competency: The student demonstrates general proficiency in Hispanic studies through a capstone experience (senior thesis / comprehensive exam). (W6a); (W7a/c)