Preparation for real-world careers

This associate degree program offers online opportunities and enables working professionals to take courses to advance their career during the hours that work for them.

The Associate of Arts in Management program prepares students with the qualities employers value most:

  • Adaptability. Learn to solve complex problems and have the confidence to be open and responsive to change.
  • Strategic thinking. Train your mind to think critically and make decisions that bring success in the future while keeping an eye on the day-to-day.
  • Strong ethics. Make decisions that are both ethical and responsible.
  • Effective communication. Acquire effective communication skills to engage employees, outside vendors, customers and your own supervisors.

Learning objectives

Today's private sector and nonprofit business leaders value employees who can think critically, solve complex problems and communicate with confidence. It's no coincidence that these values also serve as a cornerstone of a liberal arts education.

At Wilson College, the Associate of Arts in Management program delivers a foundational business curriculum within a liberal arts context, offering courses that work together to lay the groundwork for effective management in professional settings and beyond.

In this program, students gain:

  • The ability to apply management principles to the planning, organization, leadership and decision-making within a business
  • Comprehension of prevailing theories and best practices that apply to employee issues in a contemporary business context
  • Understanding of the steps of the accounting cycle and application of mathematical models to solve business-related issues
  • The capacity to identify and analyze the roles of internal and external factors on business decision-making processes
  • Work prioritization and project management skills
  • Recognition of workplace dynamics and the ability to make recommendations that drive change
  • Demonstrated ability to practice effective written and interpersonal communication skills
  • Knowledge of ethical and moral issues encountered in the workplace