Since 1869, the Wilson College mission has been the education and development of our students in a collaborative, student-focused environment. Our Single Parent Scholar Program is a contemporary expression of our mission, addressing the needs of single parents today.

The program provides family-friendly, on-campus housing year-round to single parents and their children (between 20 months and 10 years of age) so the parent can pursue a bachelor’s degree full time.

Parents in the program are full participants in campus life, including such activities as student government, athletics, clubs and organizations, the Curran Scholars Program, and yearbook. Within the SPS Program itself, enrichment and development activities range from parenting workshops and alumnae mentoring to Hershey Park trips.

Our 300-acre campus features a farm, creek, playground and equestrian faciltity, providing opportunities for children to explore and learn. The Wilson College Child Care Center offers on-campus care for children age 20 months through 5 years.

The SPS Program gives parents access to higher education that can open doors to a more fulfilling, economically self-sufficient life. It’s all part of Wilson’s culture of individualized education.

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