Transfer Students

At Wilson College, you’re at the center of your education. Explore and find the path you want to follow and we’ll be your partner in making sure you’ve got all the tools you need for the journey.

Thanks for your interest in transferring to Wilson College!


Wilson has been around for over 150 years, and we have the experience and staff to make the transfer process simple and straightforward. Our transfer process is easy whether you’re coming directly from another institution or resuming your studies after a break. We are committed to helping you succeed at Wilson College!

Your Questions Answered

Transfer Student Admission Process

Let’s be honest - if you’re a transfer student, you’ve enrolled at a college before, so some of the basic steps will be familiar.

However, transferring does add a few new questions into the mix:
•    How many credits will transfer from my previous school(s)?
•    How many years before I get my degree?
•    How much will this cost me?

We will answer these for you BEFORE you have to decide to come here. During your application process, we will get you those answers. The first step is to apply.

Fill out the application form and send your transcripts. Here are the transfer student documents required. Once we get the documents we need, we’ll send you a personalized transfer credit evaluation and financial aid package. So, no worries - all your questions will be answered promptly! 

Transfer Agreements with Local Colleges

Wilson College has partnered with several colleges in our area to make transferring simple and seamless. If you’ve attended any of the schools listed in our agreements section below, chances are you might be closer to your degree than you think.

If you have an associate degree or just a number of credits from one of our partner schools, you may be eligible for dual admission – resulting in a smooth transition between institutions while maximizing your transferable credits. Feel free to email or call with any questions.

Transfer Your Credits to Wilson

You can transfer many of the credits you have already earned towards your degree at Wilson. Read our transfer credit policy below to learn:
•    the maximum number of credits that transfer
•    the hours needed for associate and bachelor’s degrees
•    how the college-level exam program (CLEP) can earn you credits for specific courses

Scholarships for You

Going to school is an investment in your future. To help you afford it, we have a wide array of scholarships available to students transferring from other institutions. Check out our Merit Scholarships—these are awarded at the time a student is offered admission. The amount we can offer increases the higher your transferring GPA.

This amount of your award is locked in at the point of admission, meaning you can keep that amount your entire time at Wilson College! Check out the scholarships below, and just remember, this is only the beginning of what Wilson can do to help you (and your wallet)!

Wilson at a Glance

We make sure the numbers add up to a great experience for you.
Average Undergraduate Class Size
Sit up and be seen in our rigorous, yet intimate classes. Our supportive mentoring environment ensures that you won’t slip through the cracks.
Student organizations and clubs
Whether you’re interested in choir, archery, student government or meeting other pre-veterinary students, we have an activity or group for you.
Undergraduate students receiving financial aid
We're deeply committed to affordable education. There are 200+ scholarships available.


Prepare for a rewarding career in education with our collaborative learning models, partnerships with local communities and innovative educational practices. You can also choose to focus on special education.
Learn More


Gain the critical interpersonal, analytical and economic skills you’ll need to flourish in both the public and private sectors with our undergraduate business degrees.
Learn More


Receive your BSN, with the option to combine with your existing RN certification. Our nursing programs combine the most current innovations in nursing education with hands-on experiences in diverse environments.
Learn More

Transfer News & Events

Catch up with Wilson’s latest news, upcoming events and faculty and student accomplishments.

Learn more about Wilson College eSports! In addition to information about Wilson, the application process, and financial aid, you’ll also participate in scrimmage matches in our brand-new eSports arena. Join us on February 5th to explore your future and show off your skills against other future Phoenix.

Space for this program is limited because of the interactive nature of the day. Register now!

10:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Interested in a future in Healthcare? Our Healthcare Focus Day will introduce you to the Wilson programs that will prepare for your future. If you want to pursue a degree in Nursing, Exercise Science, Health Science, Healthcare & Medical Humanities, or Biology, this is the day for you! Our faculty in each program will be on-hand for interactive sessions designed to show you what our students do on a daily basis. There will also be a session that details the pathway to post-undergraduate studies.

Join us on February 12th!…

8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Open to all high school juniors and seniors.
Space is limited to 30 students.

Challenge your mind and heighten your critical thinking skills with an afternoon of presentations, reflections, and conversations centered on the Black American experience.

Expressions of Black History
Presented by: Ross Winegardner
An examination of art, poetry, and music from black creators, reflecting both joy and struggle across American history.

Environmental Justice
Presented by: Laura Oslik
Explore environmental racism and environmental justice and provide examples of how it manifests today.

Click Here to Register

2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
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