We are glad that you are interested in continuing your education at Wilson College.

A transfer student is anyone who is currently, or has been, enrolled in another institution of higher learning after high school graduation. Any student who is over four years beyond high school graduation would apply through Wilson’s Adult Degree Program.

Transfer students to Wilson come from institutions such as community colleges, junior colleges, technical schools, four year colleges, and universities. No matter the situation or number of schools you have attended, we are happy to discuss the process of transferring to Wilson with you. Information on applying, criteria, and scholarships can be found below. If you have any questions, please contact Thomas Ruddek at the information found on the right side of this page.


Transferring to Wilson

Transfer Student Admission Process

Required Documents for Transfer Applicants

  • Official high school transcript
  • Official college transcript(s)
  • Essay is required ONLY if student has not completed a college-level English course with a grade of "C" or higher

Additional Documents Required

  • Disciplinary History Form - this form must be completed by the student's current school and submitted prior to enrollment.


Transfer Credit Policy

Transfer Credit Policy

Wilson College may accept up to 72 semester hours toward a Bachelor’s degree and a maximum of 30 semester hours toward an Associate’s Degree.  All transferable credits will be determined by the Registrar’s office.


College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

The CLEP program offers computerized exams that a student can take at a local testing site to earn credit for a specific course. There are five general exams and 29 subject-specific exams available to all students. This method is the least expensive and results are immediately available in most cases.

Transfer Scholarships

Merit Scholarships for Transfer Students

Students must be enrolled full-time at Wilson College to be eligible for a Merit Scholarship.  Eligibility for the Merit Scholarship ends with the completion of the first bachelor's degree. 

Presidential Scholarship $12,000
Eligibility & Conditions:

a)   Membership in Phi Theta Kappa
b)   3.75 cumulative GPA in all college course work
c)   Recipients not eligible for Curran Scholarship
d)   3.4 cumulative GPA at conclusion of each academic year to renew

Deans Scholarship $9,000
Eligibility & Conditions:

a)   3.4 to 3.74 cumulative GPA in all college course work
b)   3.25 cum GPA at conclusion of each academic year to renew

Faculty Scholarship $3,000-$6,000
Eligibility & Conditions:

a)   3.0 to 3.39 cumulative GPA in all college course work
b)   3.0 cumulative GPA at conclusion of each academic year to renew
c)   Amount awarded based on specific GPA within the above range