Nu of Pennsylvania

Phi Beta Kappa, the nation's oldest and largest academic honor society, was founded on Dec. 5, 1776, by five students at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Va.

In 1875, Phi Beta Kappa enlarged its membership to include women. The society now has more than 500,000 living members, elected over the years by chapters at colleges and universities throughout the country.

In September 1949, the 22nd Council of Phi Beta Kappa authorized the granting of charter to the members of Phi Beta Kappa officially connected with Wilson College for the establishment of a chapter of the society.

The purpose of Phi Beta Kappa is to recognize and encourage scholarship, friendship and cultural interests, and to support excellence and integrity in pursuit of the arts and sciences. Students may be inducted into the society in their junior or senior year. Members are chosen by a committee of the local chapter, Nu of Pennsylvania.



  • GPA (3.25 seniors; 3.75 juniors)
  • At least three-quarters of the coursework completed in courses designated as liberal arts or sciences by the committee.  Applied, technical, and pre-professional courses do not count toward the minimum requirement.  A list of courses designated as liberal arts is available in the library.
  • A college level math course including PSY 115 (MAT 096 and 098 are not considered college level). 
  • Completion of the equivalent of a college-level intermediate course sequence in a foreign language. 
  • Completion of the equivalent of at least two years of coursework while enrolled at Wilson; nominations can be made in the third semester (equivalent of 3rd full time).
  • A breadth of coursework across the liberal arts and sciences with a variety of courses taken outside the major.

Students interested in membership in the Phi Beta Kappa honor society should discuss that with their  first-year/sophomore advisor to plan coursework accordingly.


Current Faculty and Staff Chapter Members and Officers
Faculty Members

Lisa Woolley, Ph.D. – President
Professor of English
Jill Hummer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Amanda McMenamin
Assistant Professor of Spanish

Steven Schmidt
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Staff Members Kelly Spiese, MLIS– Secretary/Treasurer
Reference and Instruction Librarian
Recent Initiates
2016 Nicole Bodulow
Christina Gonzalez
Anna Harutyunyan
Lindsey Sutton 
Han Yan
2015 Neena Gurung
Sonja Hess
Marybeth Lowe
Martina Mellott
Grettel Ocampo-Conejo
Kisha Pradhan
Ghada Tafesh
Amrisha Vaidya
Katelyn Wingerd
2014 Amanda Clark Carey
Jyotsna Dhakal
Kotchaphorn Mangkalaphiban
Cortney Roper
Ashlee Yealy
2013 Monica Drummond
Megan Longstreet
2012 Lori Fedorczyk

Ian Irvin
Ashley Overdorff

2011 Kiah Berman
Elise Bricker
Mariam Khalifeh
Jing Luan
Monique Pare
2010 Elsa Natalia H. Camuamba
Kayla N. Chagnon
Mariza Lakmini Shehara Cooray
Amelia Evelyn Frast
Katelin S. Reever
Bemnete Eyob Tadesse
2009 Aliyah Johnson
Samantha May
Ashley Mudd
Alyssa Yeip
2008 Dana Bennett
Charmain Fernando
Amanda Frankford
Jennifer Markley
Lindsey Samonte
2007 Elizabeth Clever
Lisa Pickren
2006 Jayna Reggi
Margaret Stafford
2005 Priyanka Ganguli
Cindy D. Murray
2004 Amala Abdur-Rahman
Ihsan Abdur-Rahman
April Abernethy
Mariam Bramah-Lawani
Tanya Deihl
Cora Licht
Cassandra Miller
Joanne Kelly Olson
Jennifer Robinson
Setsuko Sato
Gina Tranquillo
2003 Tarika Daftary
Aruni Liyanage
Jill VanMetter