In the event of inclement weather, absence from work will be handled as follows:

  1. When the College is closed as a result of inclement weather, all employees are paid for that day, and those essential employees who must work are given another vacation day to make up for the time worked. When classes are cancelled because of inclement weather, faculty members should use their judgment about whether or not they will come to campus. When classes are cancelled, all exams and curricular activities are postponed. If evening classes are cancelled, a decision will be made and posted by 3 p.m.
  2. When the weather is hazardous, and a delayed start is announced:
  • Essential employees are expected to come to work. Essential employees include campus safety, physical plant, food services, stables, and others designated by department managers.
  • Non-essential employees may come to work or they may, if they prefer, take a vacation or personal day. (Liberal Leave) Non-essential employees who do not desire to report to work should call their supervisor.

In the event of a delay, employees should consult announcements as to what time to report for work.  

Announcements will distinguish between closings and delays. Employees are urged to call the Wilson College Information Line or go to the Wilson College homepage to determine if the College is closed, operating, or under a delayed start. The information will appear as an alert at the top of the homepage with a link to details of the announcement. Announcements will also be sent via email and text to all students, faculty and staff in the College's database, as well as posted to the Wilson College Facebook page.

The College will notify the following local radio and television stations by 6 a.m. for day classes with regard to any closures or delays.


Radio Station - FM TV Station

WQCM (94.3 FM)
WIKZ (95.1 FM)
WITF (93.3 FM/89.5 FM)
WCHA (800 AM)
WDLD (96.7 FM)
OLDIES (96.3)
WHAG (1410 AM)

WGAL (channel 8)
WHP (channel 21)
WDVM (channel 25)
WHTM (channel 27)