Clubs at Wilson are student-run groups focused around a shared passion or major. There are around thirty clubs on campus ranging in sizes and interests. If you have an interest in diversity or culture, Muhibbah Club, Black Student Union or Allies might just be the thing for you. Looking for people with the same major or professional interest as you? There are a variety of major-based clubs like VMT, Pre-Vet, Psychology, Spanish, EFT, many equestrian teams, FFA, Environmental, Orchesis, Billboard and many more. Just want something casual and social or a way to explore a personal interest? There’s Snow Limits, Archery, Kittochtinny Players and Choir among others. All clubs are run primarily by students, giving you an opportunity to make your mark on the campus. Holding an officer position in a club boosts not only your resume, but also your problem solving and professional skills. Don’t see a club for your interest? You can always propose your own!

Want to have a say in the “big picture” of campus life? Organizations like Wilson College Government Association (WCGA) and Campus Activities Board (CAB) are for you. By taking part in these organizations students are able to have a direct influence on college life, its organization, offerings, and policies. They decide everything from where trashcans are placed to what bands play throughout the semester. Being a member of WCGA allows you to be a liaison between faculty, staff, and students. WCGA members directly influence the Blue Book, work with senior administration, serve on Honor Council, and even participate in Board of Trustees meetings! WCGA makes sure that each voice in the Wilson community is heard. Not sure you want an officer position? No problem! Consider being a hall senator - as a liaison between your living community, Residence Life, and WCGA you still get to directly  how the residence halls are run. Not sure you want to work with policies and government? Try CAB or class leadership! CAB lets you decide the year’s campus-wide activities and events. They handle traditions like Thanksgiving Dinner, White Dinner, and Spring Fling along with fun activities like Tie-Dye Wars, concerts, and inflatable fairs.  You can also try class leadership - every class at Wilson has its own leadership that is elected each year. Positions like President, Vice President, Treasurer, Historian, Song Leader, and Honor Council representative are elected into office by their peers. Together they handle their class' Wilson traditions, fundraising, and passing along their passion for Wilson (EVEN Better/Distinctly ODD). Class officers create the amazing experiences that are Sarah Wilson Week, Bigs/Littles/Buddies, Song Wars, Banner Stealing, and Senior Night. There’s even opportunities to become Orientation Leaders, peer mentors, academic tutors, Resident Assistants, and serve as liaisons/reps on campus committees.

All of this and we haven’t even left campus yet! If you are looking to get involved outside of campus, there is a world of possibilities in the Chambersburg and surrounding area - Key Club, Rotary, Women In Need, Boys and Girls Club, animal shelters, an active Recreation Department (complete with community and intramural leagues) and more!