In order to provide an atmosphere congenial to the pursuit of a liberating education, government at Wilson College rests on the assumption that every member of the community will act with integrity in all aspects of life; we trust each other to be mature and responsible individuals. This is our fundamental premise which stands rightfully before all other materials in this handbook.

The cooperative effort of learning and living in which we are all involved proceeds most satisfactorily when the members of the community acknowledge their responsibility to strive to realize their common aim. The soundness of the community depends upon the concern both for individual freedom and the rights and welfare of others; both call for the observance of certain regulations in order to promote this common aim.

In this spirit, therefore, we have agreed upon the Joint Regulations of the Faculty and Students and the Residence Regulations of the Students, and we undertake the responsibility for keeping them just and relevant to the needs of the present community.


The Wilson Honor Code

Wilson College is a strong, healthy, caring community. In order to promote community values, this code and the Honor Principle set expectations for members of the community. Individuals must respect others and behave with the interest of the whole community in mind. It is assumed and understood that joining is evidence of a subscription to ideals consistent with our shared mission. As a member of this community each individual is obligated to...

Demonstrate Personal Integrity
... a commitment to this ideal is consistent with honesty in academic situations and in interactions with others.

Respect the Dignity of all Persons
... a commitment to this ideal is consistent with behaviors which do not compromise or demean the dignity of
individuals or groups, such as humiliation, intimidation, ridicule, harassment, and discrimination.

Respect the Rights and Property of Others
... a commitment to this ideal is consistent with respectful behavior which does not violate the rights of others,
such as self-expression and privacy.

Respect Diversity in People, Ideas, and Opinions
... a commitment to this ideal pledges affirmative support for equal rights and opportunities for all members of the community regardless of age, gender, sexual preference, religion, disability, ethnic heritage, socioeconomic status, political, social, or other affiliations or disaffiliations.

Demonstrate Concern for Others, Their Feelings and Their Needs for Conditions which Support Their Work and Development
... a commitment to this ideal is a pledge to be compassionate and considerate, to avoid behaviors which are

insensitive, inhospitable, or inciteful, or which unjustly or arbitrarily inhibit another’s ability to feel safe or welcome in pursuit of appropriate social or academic goals.

*Some of the language in this document has been taken, with permission, from the University of South Carolina’s Creed. We gratefully acknowledge their contribution.