The Wilson College Academic Support Center: We're Here for You Every Step of the Way

The Academic Support Center at Wilson provides materials and services to help students meet their academic goals during every stage of their careers at Wilson.

Whether you want to solve linear equations, prepare for a big VMT 115 exam, or revise a tough paper, the ASC can help.

Wilson College’s Academic Support Center is housed on the second floor of the John Stewart Memorial Library.  Currently staffed by two full-time professionals, a part-time reading specialist, and approximately 25-30 undergraduate and graduate tutors and supplemental instruction leaders, the ASC provides disability accommodations, subject-specific tutoring, in-person and online writing support, supplemental instruction, and reading skills instruction to all currently enrolled Wilson students at no extra charge.

While ASC staff members can help students struggling with difficult courses or assignments, we pride ourselves on our inclusivity.  We serve students of all skill and ability levels, majors, and academic backgrounds: during the 2017-2018 academic year, we provided more than 1,464 appointments to 606 unique students in courses ranging from first year seminar and English 108 to graduate courses.  Furthermore, students who tutor, lead Supplemental Instruction, or perform other work in the ASC gain valuable pre-professional experience.