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Wilson students are curious, engaged and energized by learning. Whether you’re interested in leadership roles, athletics, social clubs or research, you’ll be inspired to craft your own experience.

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We make sure the numbers add up to a great experience for you.
  • 3.51
    Mean, cumulative GPA for first-year students
    We effectively help students navigate the transition to fast-paced academic life. A 3.0 high school GPA or above qualifies you for merit-based scholarships that cover up to half the cost of tuition.
  • 30+
    Student organizations and clubs
    Whether you’re interested in choir, archery, student government or meeting other pre-veterinary students, we have an activity or group for you.
  • 98+%
    Undergraduate students receiving financial aid
    We're deeply committed to affordable education. There are 200+ scholarships available.


Prepare for a rewarding career in education with our collaborative learning models, partnerships with local communities and innovative educational practices. You can also choose to focus on special education.


Gain the critical interpersonal, analytical and economic skills you’ll need to flourish in both the public and private sectors with our undergraduate business degrees.


Receive your BSN, with the option to combine with your existing RN certification. Our nursing programs combine the most current innovations in nursing education with hands-on experiences in diverse environments.

First-in-the-Nation Student Loan Buyback

Unveiled in 2013 as the first of its kind in higher education, Wilson’s loan buyback program gives students who meet certain academic requirements monetary awards when they graduate.
We want students to be committed to their own success.
College President Barbara K. Mistick

Research Role Model

Whether she’s describing how to construct new plasmids for genetic research on chromatin folding or discussing how to synthesize the drug AZT with trivalent iron to improve its effectiveness at fighting liver cancer, Anna Harutyunyan ’17 impresses not only with complete command of her topic, but also with her boundless zest for research.
I want to contribute something that will help to understand what causes a disease and how to combat it.

Undergraduate News & Events

Catch up with Wilson’s latest news, upcoming events and faculty and student accomplishments.

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11:00 AM

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