Equipping emerging business leaders

Strong business leadership is the driver of nearly every industry in today’s global marketplace. To be a successful leader, it is essential to have exceptional interpersonal, communication and strategic thinking skills to be an effective manager and take your organization to the next level.

The business management major at Wilson College provides a comprehensive education on the core tenants of business. In addition to classes in the foundational disciplines such as accounting, marketing and finance, students are immersed in a liberal arts tradition and gain internship experience that makes them to stand out from their peers when competing for real-world jobs.

Define Your Path

When you major in business management you have a lot of options and internships can help you find your way.

Internships play a key role in the business program at Wilson College, with experiences as diverse as the interests of the students themselves. Past internship placements have given students roles in banking, manufacturing, sports marketing, retail management, nonprofit, market research, human resources and financial management. At least one internship is required for business majors.

Learning goals

The goals for the business management program at Wilson College are:

  • To build broad business skills and capabilities in the rigorous liberal arts tradition
  • To primarily focus on leadership, analytical decision making, market success and global sustainability
  • To have an understanding of economic and organizational dynamics in order to adapt business processes to the global market
  • Prepare students to effectively compete and excel in a business-related career

Career and graduate degree opportunities for business majors

Whether it’s the corporate, government or nonprofit realm—the business major prepares students for leadership roles in areas such as production, purchasing, sales, finance and human resource management. Additionally, graduates have succeeded in starting and managing their own businesses.

After studying business at Wilson College, students often opt to pursue a graduate degree in business, government, economics or law. Faculty advisors will assist you in tailoring academic programs to requirements of graduate programs you wish to pursue.