Monday, September 24, 2018 - 12 pm

Wilson College Common Hour 2018
Food Matters: You Are What You Eat
Mondays at noon in the Learning Commons - John Stewart Memorial Library

Food Waste at Wilson College: Closing a Loop - Christine Mayer

According to the USDA, the United States wastes between 30-40 percent of our total food supply. Based on estimates from the USDA's Economic Research Service, this amounted to over 130 billion pounds of food and cost more than $161 billion in 2010.  The majority of this waste is typically disposed of in landfills, producing methane and changing our climate. Since 2005, Wilson College has been composting its food waste.  In addition to reducing our carbon footprint and providing a rich source of organic inputs for the Fulton Farm, this project has led to unique partnerships locally, nationally and internationally, while providing internship and research opportunities for our students.  Come learn more about this program that keeps us consistently ranked as a top school in the sustainability rankings. 

Chris Mayer earned an A.S. in horticulture from Temple University, a B.S. in Environmental Studies from Wilson College and an M.Ed. from Antioch University New England. Chris’ work-life experience has many facets, including  mom-and-pop operations, corporate management, small business entrepreneurship, extension research and outreach, and has finally landed  her in education.  Since 2007, Chris has been the Director of the Fulton Center for Sustainability Studies and an adjunct instructor at Wilson College.  A life-long learner, Chris’ passions include travel, gardening and educating for sustainability.