Competitive Scholarships - applications sent to admitted students


  • Hagop Bogigian Scholarship - Established from the estate of Hagop Bogigian, this full tuition scholarship is awarded to students of Armenian descent with a preference for citizens of Armenia. These awards are renewable for up to 4 years while attending Wilson College.  Only two students may receive this scholarship in any academic year.


  • The Curran-Bonner Scholarships - Strong students with a proven history of service to community and/or church are invited to apply for Curran-Bonner Scholarships. These renewable awards range from a minimum of $4,000 for freshmen up to $7,000 for upperclassmen. The annual amount is based on the student's eligibility from need-based work-study and student loan programs. Curran Scholars complete a 260-hour volunteer service requirement each academic year and take two classes in religion and/or philosophy while at Wilson College.  Scholars are also part of a leadership program.  In addition, recipients must attain at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average after their freshman year and at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average every year thereafter. A student who receives a Curran Scholarship will not also receive a work study award. Applications are available from the Office of Admissions to students who are not receiving the Presidential Merit Scholarship.The deadline for application is March 1.


  • Class of 1952 Scholarship in Liberal Arts, Sciences and Education - The Wilson College Class of 1952 will extend a $1,000 scholarship to a first time freshman or transfer applicant who intends to receive teacher certification in one of the following fields: Elementary Education or Secondary Education in Biology, Chemistry, English, Environmental Studies, Foreign Language, Mathematics, or Social Studies as well as students who plan to major in one of the Liberal Arts or Sciences. Candidates should have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA in their high school work. The scholarship is for one year only. The deadline for application is March 1.