Competitive Scholarships - applications sent to admitted students


  • Hagop Bogigian Scholarship - Established from the estate of Hagop Bogigian, this full tuition scholarship is awarded to students of Armenian descent with a preference for citizens of Armenia. These awards are renewable for up to 4 years while attending Wilson College.  Only two students may receive this scholarship in any academic year.


  • The Curran-Bonner Scholarships - Strong students with a proven history of service to community and/or church are invited to apply for Curran-Bonner Scholarships. These renewable awards range from a minimum of $4,000 for freshmen up to $7,000 for upperclassmen. The annual amount is based on the student's eligibility from need-based work-study and student loan programs. Curran Scholars complete a 260-hour volunteer service requirement each academic year and take two classes in religion and/or philosophy while at Wilson College.  Scholars are also part of a leadership program.  In addition, recipients must attain at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average after their freshman year and at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average every year thereafter. A student who receives a Curran Scholarship will not also receive a work study award. Applications are available from the Office of Admissions to students who are not receiving the Presidential Merit Scholarship.The deadline for application is March 1.