Are There Particular Courses I Should Take to Prepare for Law School?


The American Bar Association (ABA) does not recommend any particular major or group of courses to prepare for a legal education and Wilson does not have a specified pre-law curriculum. Rather, students should pursue a rigorous course of study that interests and challenges them. However, the ABA states that there are bodies of knowledge that students can acquire prior to law school that will provide a sound foundation for a legal education. These include analytic and problem-solving skills, critical reading abilities, writing skills, oral communication and listening abilities, general research skills, task organization and management skills, and the values of serving others while promoting justice. The ABA recommends that individuals interested in pursuing a legal education should seek educational, extracurricular and life experiences that will assist them in developing these attributes. There are many courses at Wilson that are designed to hone these skills. The following is a partial and not exhaustive list of such courses. But please keep in mind that none of these is actually required to get into law school and that Wilson does not offer a pre-law major


 BUS 124  Introduction to Management

BUS 225   Business Law

BUS 260   Business Leadership & Service

ECO 101   Introduction to Macroeconomics

ECO 102   Introduction to Microeconomics

ECO 303   International Economics

ENG 101   Written Communication

ENG 108   College Writing

ENG 112   Business Writing

ENG 210   Advanced Exposition

ENG 212   Technical Writing

ENV 204   Environmental Policy

ENV 217   Environmental Stewardship

IS 370     International Law

MCM 110  Effective Speaking

MCM 120  Interpersonal Communications

MCM 303   Media Law and Ethics

PHI 121    Ethics

PHI 207   Private Values and Public Policy

PHI 209    Ethical Issues Today

PHI 220    Environmental Ethics

PHI 222    Logic

PHI 226    Business Ethics

PS 120     American Government 

PS 204     Intro to Law

PS 310     Women, Minorities & Law

PS 318     Constitutional Law

SOC 120  Intro to Sociology

SOC 225  Social Problems/Inequalities

SOC 230  Deviance & Criminal Justice

SOC 234  Conflict Resolution

THE 100  Techniques of Acting I