In accordance with federal law, Wilson College provides information about crime statistics, fire safety, and security policies to prospective students, current students and employees. Therefore, security policies and crime statistics are available from the College student development and campus safety offices.

The U.S. Department of Education [Section 485(a) of the Higher Education Act] requires all institutions of postsecondary education that participate in the Federal Student Financial Assistance (FASFA) program to provide campus crime statistics.

Firearms and weapons of any type are not permitted on campus. Likewise, intentional use, possession or sale of firearms or other dangerous weapons by students is strictly forbidden, and is a violation of the Bluebook – the student handbook that is distributed to all students.


Fire Safety

Every residence hall is equipped with an automatic smoke/heat detection system monitored 24 hours a day by campus safety personnel. An alarm prompts immediate evacuation of the building. The system also self-tests for tampering and reduces the chance for false alarms.

Each individual residence hall room has an AC-powered smoke detector with battery backup.

Fire drills are conducted three times a semester in each hall. Students who fail to evacuate will be fined.

Wilson Child Care Center fire drills are conducted every 60 days.

All residence halls on campus are equipped with fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers are also provided in many different areas of all campus buildings. Fire hydrants are located outside each residence hall.

All campus extinguishers are inspected annually by Jones Fire Extinguishers Inc. Ambulance service and fire protection is provided to Wilson College by the Chambersburg Fire Department, Fayetteville Emergency Response and West Shore E.M.S. units.

In compliance with the 2010-11 Higher Education Reauthorization Act, fire safety incidents, specifically those that occur during an academic year, are to be reported with the campus crime statistics. For the academic year 2009-10, the following incidents required the Chambersburg Fire Department’s response:


  Major Facility Damages and/or Injury resulting in death Minor Facility Damages and/or injury General Incidents
(i.e. microwave, toasters) No damages/No injury
Residence Halls 0 0 2
Dining Facilities 0 0 1
Classroom Buildings 0 1 0