Disert HallĀ 
Located on the south end of campus between Prentis Hall and Rosenkrans Hall, Disert was built in 1965 and dedicated in honor of Margaret Criswell Disert '20. Miss Disert served as instructor of mathematics, as Registrar, advisor, and as Dean of the College. Renovations to Disert Hall were completed in 1996.

The first floor of Disert are Triple suites with a private bathroom. Each room within the suite is approximately 11'11" x 15'9" (bathroom and closets are included in that dimension). This floor shares common kitchen, lounge, study, laundry, and computer.

Disert 2nd & 3rd floor boast a fully-equipped kitchen, two spacious bathrooms, a comfortable, semi-private lounge, as well as large laundry and computer rooms. All the rooms on these floors are divided doubles, meaning they have a built-in divider of dressers, closets, and bookshelves that separates the room into two evenly-sized sections. This arrangement offers the flexibility to have more individual privacy within a shared space or to design private and public spaces within one room. The built-in divider also provides ample storage without cluttering the room. The total dimensions of each room (including the built-in) is 11'11" x 15'9".

Disert Floor Plan