The Pennsylvania Department of Education has approved a new, early childhood (preK-4)/ special education (preK-8) major within Wilson’s education curriculum. The dual certification program will be available this fall, along with a new minor in special education.

Students who choose the dual certification major will pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in early childhood that will prepare them to teach both typically developing students and those with disabilities. (In addition to the dual certification B.A., those who already have a bachelor’s degree in any area can seek dual certification through the Wilson College Teacher Intern Program.)

Upon graduation or completion of the program, they will be qualified as an early childhood (preK-4) and/or special education (preK-8) teacher in both public and private schools in Pennsylvania. In addition, they will have the credentials needed to work in facilities that provide services to people with disabilities, according to Lynn M. Newman, associate professor and chair of Wilson’s education department.

Newman said Wilson receives numerous inquiries from potential students seeking dual certification in early childhood and special education. The college conducted a survey of special education supervisors for Pennsylvania school districts, who “overwhelmingly stated an anticipated need for teachers with dual certification (preK-4/special education) over the next five years,” according to the college’s program proposal.

The undergraduate dual certification in early childhood/special education will differentiate Wilson from a number of other area institutions, which do not offer such a program, said Theresa Hoover, Wilson assistant professor of education.

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Theresa Hoover, Assistant Professor of Education
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Published: July 30, 2015