International students must maintain full-time enrollment of four (4) or more Wilson credit hours (12 credit hours on a typical non-Wilson credit system). Please check with the International Student & Scholar Services office (ISSS) if you are interested in taking pass/no-pass classes.

Under certain circumstances, international students may be authorized to enroll for less than a full course of study and still be considered full-time. If you are in your first or last semester at Wilson, you might be eligible to drop below a full course of study. Students must receive approval from ISSS before reducing their course load. ISSS must review the case with the student to determine if a valid academic or medical reason exists before approving and documenting the request. Failure to speak with ISSS and receive pre-approval may jeopardize the student’s immigration status. International students should speak with ISSS staff when considering dropping a class if they are failing that class.