Any grant or scholarship you receive will be credited against the amount of tuition and fees that you are charged for the term.  Any outstanding balance not covered by financial aid is your responsibility and non-payment may result in late fees.  In some instances, grant and scholarship aid may exceed your tuition and fee charges. The Student Accounts Office will send any excess monies to you for your other educational-related expenses, such as textbooks, transportation and personal expenses.

 Loan funds are sent directly to Wilson by your lender, either electronically or in some cases, by check.  Wilson College will notify you when the loan funds are received.  The loan proceeds will be credited to your semester student account. The Student Accounts Office will refund to you any excess loan funds to cover other educational expenses you may have.  Loan funds will not appear on your Statement of Account until they are received by the College.

Work-study funds must be earned.  Therefore, after you complete a monthly payroll cycle, you will be paid at the end of a month.  Work-study checks are either mailed directly to the student's post office box or electronically deposited in a bank account.  Work-study funds are used to help students with other miscellaneous educational expenses.