You must have received support and recommendations from both your academic advisor and from International Student & Scholar Services (I.S.S.S.). Also be aware that not every student is eligible for paid internship experience. Communication with I.S.S.S. is crucial, so please keep in touch.

Students must inform in a timely manner both I.S.S.S. and their academic advisor of their intent to pursue an OPT internship. We recommend planning a semester in advance, because the USCIS paperwork can take months. By being well prepared, the student will experience less anxiety. You need USCIS authorization before you can start OPT.

The Process

  • Attend the Internship 101 Workshop through the career development center; internship packet will be distributed at that time.
  • Complete a resume and consult with the Director of Career Development for a critique.
  • Determine your internship site. This varies depending on your major.
    • NOTE: Students intending to use their present job as their internship must submit two job descriptions with their application. One outlining their present position responsibilities, and the second outlining the new learning objectives and responsibilities that will take place during the internship.
  • Consult with your Faculty advisor about additional work assignments and the learning agreement (will be explained in the Internship 101 Workshop).
  • Meet with your internship site supervisor to discuss your outlined learning objectives and internship responsibilities and to obtain his/her signature.
  • You must obtain several signatures, so start early!
    • Signatures include the following: student's faculty advisor, employer, academic advisor, academic dean, director of career development, I.S.S.S. Director (if on an F-1 visa) and lastly, the registrar.
  • Register for internship.
  • Attend the Internship Orientation at the start of the semester in which you enrolled for your internship.

How to Get Started

  • Attend an Internship 101 workshop.  Dates for the workshop can be found on the CDC Events Calendar
  • Complete a resume. If you need assistance, stop by Lenfest 103 and check out the self-serve files or go to the resume web pages (quick Link this). For individual help, see the Director of Career Development.
  • Talk to you faculty advisor about goals you have for yourself during your internship and the goals your advisor has for you.
  • Start to research possible sites. Contact the Director of Career Development if you need help.
  • View the Ebulletins to see what new internship opportunities have come into the CDC.
  • Complete you paperwork and turn it in to the registrar.