All students who major in Equine Journalism are required to complete an internship in the field.

In order to be eligible for an internship, students must be at junior status in their major and must complete the Internship Seminar held by the Wilson College Career Services Office.

Students often intern away from Wilson in various publication and professional settings during summer sessions. There is guidance at Wilson and numerous possible internship opportunities, but many of these internships are competitive. Students are encouraged to seek out internship opportunities that interest them. Though selecting and winning an internship is a collaborative effort at Wilson College, students play a key part in the process. Students can learn more about internships by contacting the Equine Journalism Internship Director, Dr. Lisa Woolley.

Many Wilson Equine Journalism majors select internships through the American Horse Publications organization. These internships are available to college students who have an interest in horses and seek a career in equine publishing. The AHP Internship Program is a great way to provide students with the resume-building experience that’s so critical to today’s job market. Interns gain valuable hands-on real life experience and AHP members acquire additional help when and where they need it most. AHP is the nation’s only non-profit professional association of over 470 members dedicated to promoting better understanding and cooperation within the equine publishing industry. Membership consists primarily of equine-related print publications and electronic media as well as individuals, businesses and organizations serving the equine publishing industry. To read more about AHP Internship Opportunities, including filling out an application, click here.

To learn more about internships in the major at Wilson, click here.