McElwain/Davison Hall
This building was completed in 1956, replacing "Old Main", a previous residence hall. Originally named new Main Hall, the two "halves" of the residence were renamed in 1965 in memory of two of the college's most distinguished alumnae. McElwain was named in memory of Mary Belle McElwain, Class of 1895, who served as a Wilson College faculty member, trustee, Acting Dean, and Acting President. Davison Hall was named after Charlotte I. Davison, Class of 1897, who served as a mathematics professor at Wilson from 1903-1946.  Referred to by students as "Mac/Dav", this residence hall sits atop Lenfest Commons, the student union. Mac/Dav is comprised of singles and open-double rooms laid out as two floors of two wings each joined by a central lounge. During the 2013-2014 academic year, Mac/Dav underwent renovations updating infrastructure systems, installing full kitchens on both floors, addition of air conditioning throughout, and updating bathrooms to full ADA accessibility. Mac/Dav also offers elevator access and close proximity to other campus resources and is our first fully ADA accessible residence hall. Typical room size, including closets, is: Open Double - 13' x 17' ; Single - 7'7" x 17'4".

McElwain Floor Plan / Davison Floor Plan