What Do I Need to Know About Money?

Have you budgeted for:


Carrying money to the USA

Be cautious about carrying large sums of cash. You may choose to wire money from home, or use a major credit card and immediately pay off the balance to avoid accrual of interest. You may wire money from your home account to Wilson’s bank account in order to pay your deposit and your balance for tuition, and room and board. Wilson’s Bank Account information is:

F & M Trust

20 South Main Street
P.O. Box 6010
Chambersburg, PA 17201

Bank Routing # 1071890

Wilson’s Acct. # 031304306

* Please remember that there is a fee to wire money.  Ask your bank what you can expect to pay for this service. 


Money upon arrival:


Opening a Bank Account
During Orientation Week there will be opportunity to learn about local financial institutions where you may choose to open a bank account.