The Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN) is the place to be if you are a college woman interested in exploring a career in public policy.  PLEN is unique: nowhere else in Washington, D.C. can students learn how Washington really works from a faculty comprised exclusively of women leaders who make and influence public policy every day. These women are members of Congress, major judicial figures, presidential advisors, senior government leaders, veteran nonprofit advocates and corporate lobbyists.

PLEN offers seminars where, in 3-5 days, a student can discover how Washington really works, network with high-level women policymakers, and connect with people who can help her secure an internship, open doors to jobs, and launch her career. Additionally, through PLEN you can secure a Summer internship directed at your specific interests.

PLEN programs also offer other unique professional development opportunities, including salary negotiation, resume workshops and informational interviews.

Wilson College is proud to be a member institution of the Public Leadership Education Network; as a student you will receive discounts on all PLEN seminars and internships and preference in the awarding of corporate program scholarships.

Many past participants see the effects of their PLEN experience well into their careers.  Click here for more information.