Rosenkrans Hall
Constructed in 1966, Rosenkrans Hall was named for Lillian Rosenkrans, Dean of the College, 1918-1938. Rosenkrans sits along the southern edge of campus next to Disert Hall.

Rosenkrans underwent renovation during the spring and summer of 2016 to upgrade internal systems, as well as reformat the public spaces to better meet students' needs. Each Rosenkrans floor boasts a fully-equipped kitchen, two spacious bathrooms, a lounge, a semi-private study room, as well as large laundry and computer rooms. All the rooms on these floors are divided doubles, meaning they have a built-in divider of dressers, closets, and bookshelves that separates the room into two evenly-sized sections. This arrangement offers the flexibility to have more individual privacy within a shared space or to design private and public spaces within one room. The built-in divider also provides ample storage without cluttering the room. The total dimensions of each room (including the built-in) is 11'11" x 15'9".

Rosenkrans Floor Plan