Specialty Scholarships

  • Twins and Triplets Scholarship -Wilson College offers a scholarship to one set of twins and one set of triplets annually. The scholarship for twins is 45% of tuition for each student; both students need to enroll full-time each semester. For triplets, the scholarship is 45% of tuition; all three students need to be enrolled full-time each semester. These scholarships cannot be combined with other merit or affiliation scholarships awarded by the college with the exception of the SEMLAR and Disert awards. All the recipients must continue to enroll at Wilson College fulltime. Students may receive this scholarship for a maximum of four years as long as they maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined in the college catalogue. Priority will be given to students who will reside on campus.
  • Military Survivors Scholarship -Military Survivors Scholarship -Wilson College recognizes the ultimate sacrifice that many men and women made of their lives during the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Wilson will provide tuition scholarships to two full-time children.
  • Twin Towers/Pentagon/Flight 93 Tuition Scholarship - Two fulltime tuition scholarships may be awarded each year to the dependant children of victims lost or permanently disabled in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks; including children of those police, fire safety, or medical personnel who were killed or suffered debilitating injuries in their attempt to rescue those who were victims of the attacks. The recipients of these scholarships must reside on campus and must meet the admissions requirements necessary for acceptance to Wilson College. The scholarships will continue to be awarded through the 2018-19 year pending eligible applicants.