Goal #1: Acquisition and comprehension of content knowledge


  • Students have a broad understanding of the significant developments in Western European and American History
  • Students have knowledge of political institutions, processes, and theories and knowledge of fields in political science, including American government, political theory, and international studies


Goal #2:  Attainment of skills: written communication, oral communication, research, critical thinking and analysis


  • Students are able to write with clarity and precision in various forms and in a manner which reflects acquired knowledge
  • Students are able to speak effectively in a discussion group and present their work to audiences, using technological innovation where appropriate
  • Students are able to effectively utilize a variety of sources – primary and secondary—and show mastery of research techniques
  • Utilizing these skills, students will be able to formulate and defend a thesis, consider conflicting evidence and interpretations, critically examine sources, analyze change over time, and apply evidence


Goal #3:  Obtain an awareness of and appreciation for diversity


  • Students gain a knowledge of and appreciation for issues related to race, class, gender and ethnicity in historical and political context
  • Students will learn from others who are different than themselves, thereby engaging in a robust exchange of ideas that works to broaden their perspectives, promote thinking skills, enhance leadership and personal skills, and promote democratic values