Student Media History


Student media at Wilson College has changed much since the publication of the first student newspaper, The Rush Light  in 1882. From corset ads to the rebellious manifestos of an underground newspaper in the 1960s, students involved in campus media have documented major cultural and social trends that offer a fascinating snapshot of history of the college and of American women’s lives.


In an effort to highlight this history, students enrolled in Mass Communications 304: Mass Media in Society during spring 2004 conducted historical research in Wilson’s Hankey Center Archive to offer these glimpses of the student media past:




The Rush Light and the Eclipse (1880s - 1890s): Pioneer Newspapers

Pharetra (1880s - 1920s): Sleigh Rides, News, and Literature

The Gumdrop (1920): Sweet-Talking the Alums

Wilson Gossip (1922 - 1923): "Wanted: Men for the Prom"

The Finger (1969): Dispatches from the Wilson Underground 

The Wilson Billboard (1921 - present): A Name Once in Question 




Conococheague (1895 - 1934): Wisdom for Athletic Ladies 


Literary Magazines


The Rhombus (1974 - 1977): Bridging the Intercampus Divide