Wilson College recognizes that individuals with temporarily disabling conditions that are a result of injuries, surgery, or short-term medical conditions may need access to services and resources similar to individuals with permanent disabilities. Examples of temporary disabilities may include, but are not limited to broken limbs, hand injuries, or short-term impairments following surgery or medical treatments.

Please use the following verification form to facilitate the documentation process.

Disability Verification Form

If the licensed health provider in the area of diagnosis would prefer to write a letter on your behalf, please have them include the following information.

  • Typed on letterhead, dated, and signed by a qualified professional
  • Functional limitations or symptoms. (Limitations inform which accommodations are appropriate.)
  • Severity and/or expected progression
  • Current medication(s) and any related side effects
  • Any recommended accommodations
  • Follow up appointment date

Please contact the Accessibility Services Coordinator with any questions regarding documentation requirements.

Additional documentation may be requested to verify the need for continued services after the estimated duration of the condition has expired.

Potential Accommodations for Temporary Accommodation Needs

Academic accommodations are approved on a case-by-case basis. Examples of accommodations that may be available for a temporary disability include:
•    Scribe for exams
•    Note-taking assistance
•    Audio recorder for lectures
•    Extended testing time
•    Computer for essay exams
•    Classroom location change