The Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning recently awarded the Wilson College Child Care Center the highest possible rating in its Keystone STARS program—a STAR 4. The child care center, which is licensed by the Department of Human Services, previously had a STAR 3 designation.

“This achievement requires staff to complete more professional development hours; do more work to complete child observations and assessments, and hold conferences with families; and pay more attention to health and safety standards,” said Karen Zakin, child care center director. “I am very proud of the staff for committing to going above and beyond state minimum requirements to earn this rating and show our commitment to high-quality early education for children.”

In order to receive the STAR 4 designation, the center had to earn a minimum of 91 points out of a possible 108 points during on-site evaluations, according to Zakin. Wilson achieved a score of 103 points during the evaluation.

The Keystone STARS (Standards, Training/Professional Development, Assistance, Resources and Supports) system promotes quality improvement in early learning and development programs and school-age child care. The system offers families a way to evaluate the quality of child care programs so they can make informed decisions that best meet their needs. As STAR levels increase from a STAR 1 through a STAR 4, so do the requirements for meeting higher standards of quality.

Keystone STARS also provides child care centers training to advance staff education, technical assistance to help programs meet STAR level requirements, and additional resources through support grants and merit awards to support continued quality improvements.

Located in Prentis Hall, Wilson’s child care center can accommodate 45 children ages 20 months to five years, year-round. Eight full-time and three part-time staff members work at the center, which is open to children of Wilson College students and employees, as well as those of Chambersburg families."

“Wilson’s child care center strives to provide high-quality early care and education through a curriculum that is child-centered and developmentally appropriate,” Mary Beth Williams, vice president for student development, said. “We are proud our staff’s continuing effort and pleased the state has recognized them with a STAR 4 rating.”


Published: February 28, 2019