Institutional Learning Goals
The institution articulates seven essential learning goals for students at Wilson College and reflect the values in the College’s mission. A specifc set of outcomes follows each learning goal to help students, faculty and staff members develop a fuller shared vocabulary for learning. These goals and outcomes apply to the full breadth of the Wilson experience, giving students multiple opportunities to develop relevant skills and knowledge through classes in the liberal arts curriculum, in their majors and during experiences beyond the classroom.

Partnership Agreement
The Wilson College–Scotland Campus Sports Partnership Agreement offers college-level courses to students who have graduated from high school and currently are in a fifth post-graduate year. At the request of Scotland Campus Sports, the Wilson College Office of Enrollment Service, in conjunction with the Office of Academic Affairs, will offer courses at the Scotland Campus. This enrollment initiative benefits students by allowing them to accumulate college credit prior to applying to a post-secondary institution.

Student Eligibility:
1. All Scotland Campus Sports students who have made satisfactory academic progress upon graduation from high school may take college courses. All student referrals from the sending institution will meet the minimum requirement of a 2.5 GPA from their respective high schools.
2. All students will be coded as nondegree at Wilson College. Students will be permitted to take two courses each semester unless the Office of Academic Affairs approves additional credit hours.
3. Students will be required to maintain an acceptable 2.0 GPA in order to continue taking college-level courses.
4. All students must submit an application in order to be coded appropriately as a nondegree student.

Wilson College will award college-level credit to students who successfully complete courses under this agreement. The college will provide an official transcript to students who may be looking to apply to other post-secondary institutions. If the student decides to matriculate to Wilson College, the college shall apply those credits to the student’s degree requirements, the same as it would with a regularly enrolled post-secondary student.