The Wilson College Honor Principle 2020

Wilson College
Fall Convocation, Matriculation Ceremony
September 15, 2020

In order to provide an atmosphere congenial to the pursuit of liberating education, government at Wilson College rests on the assumption that every member of the community will act with integrity in all aspects of life.  We trust each other to be mature and responsible individuals.  

The cooperative effort of learning and living in which we are all involved proceeds most satisfactorily when the members of the community acknowledge their responsibility to strive to realize their common aim.  The soundness of the community depends upon the concern for both individual freedom and the rights and welfare of others; both call for the observance of certain regulations in order to promote this common aim.

In this spirit, therefore, we have agreed upon the Joint Regulations of the Faculty and students, the Residence Regulations, and the Academic and Administrative Regulations.  We undertake the responsibility for keeping them just and relevant to the needs of present community.