RLS 207: Private Values and Public Policy

Interplay between private persons, their beliefs and values, and the larger community with its customs and laws. Individualistic vs. community values; the influences of individuals on public policy. Strategies of resistance, nonviolence, civil disobedience and political activism. Ethical and legal issues in regulating variant behavior, high-risk activities and victimless crimes. Privacy, civil rights, civic responsibilities and related issues. Minority protections, church-state relations. Role of personal beliefs in the public arena and schools. CC,CD,ETH

MAT 115: Introductory Statistics

A course in basic statistical concepts and techniques for the non-mathematics major. Topics include descriptive statistics, measures of central tendency and dispersion, probability theory, standardized probability distributions, correlation and regression, inferential statistics, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing and analysis of variance. Prerequisite: 098/100 or math placement exam results. NS

BUS 322:Organizational Behavior

Multidisciplinary approach to the business organization as a complex system. Concepts and theories related to structure and function of organizations, comprehensive study of strategy formulation and organizational implementation, analytical focus on internal operation and structure and external posture; from that, alternatives are developed and policies proposed. Prerequisite: BUS 124.

BUS 225: Business Law

Study of contract, agency, debtor credit, trusts and estates, property, corporation and partnership law; Uniform Commercial Code; areas of governmental regulation, including antitrust, securities and employment law; work papers, privileged communications and confidentiality. Prerequisite: BUS 124. CC