Wilson Students Plan Medical Mission Trip

In January, approximately 11 Wilson College students, accompanied by several faculty members, will travel to the Dominican Republic to take part in the College’s first medical mission trip.

Published: December 6, 2017
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NUR 233 Health Promotion for Health Professionals

This course will focus on health promotion and illness prevention across the life span, including theoretical approaches to adherence. Students will identify interventions to support health promotion for individuals, families and/or selected age groups. Exploration of concepts such as alternative health strategies, health, exercise, screening, and wellness will be included.

PHI 230 Healthcare Ethics

A survey of ethical issues in national and international health care, intended for practitioner audiences working to develop ethical decision-making frameworks for the health care professions.

NUR 401: Community and Health Promotion

This course provides a foundation for students to examine factors that influence the health of communities and populations locally, nationally, and globally. Health promotion, health maintenance, and prevention of disease are emphasized. Epidemiological principles and data collection relating to clinical decision-making and public policy are discussed.

NUR 480: RN-MSN Bridge

This is a multi-faceted course that focuses on the leadership roles of professional nurses, including the impact of health policy, health care financing, and legislative and regulatory authority on nursing practice and the health care delivery system. Collaborative practice will be examined with emphasis on professional values, accountability, role transition, and collegiality. The role of theory and research in nursing practice will also be examined.

NUR 280: Health Care Informatics

Introduces perspectives and concepts of the flow of healthcare information, technologies and their applications to patient care, and the electronic health record in its many forms. Also includes institutional policies important to communication and documentation of healthcare interventions with an emphasis on privacy, confidentiality and security. Prerequisite: Admission to the RN-to-BSN program.

PSY 331: Health Psychology

Incorporates a bio-psychosocial approach to understanding human wellness and health-promoting and health-compromising behaviors. Theories used by health psychologists are used to explore topics such as stress, chronic illness/disease, pain and lifestyle behaviors, and are applied to the promotion and maintenance of health and the prevention and treatment of illness. Prerequisites: PSY 110. NS, CD



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