Teacher Certification Pathways

Wilson Recognizes Teacher Certification Pathways Completers

Forty-two students in the Wilson College Teacher Certification Pathways program were recognized at a May 10 ceremony at the college.

Published: May 14, 2019

Teacher Intern Pathway (TIP)

Teacher Online Pathway (TOP)

Foreign Language Intern Pathway (FLIP)

Wilson College also offers certification programs in undergraduate education and graduate education. 

Wilson Online Teacher Program Adds Certifications

When Wilson College expanded its teacher certification program last fall to include an online-only option, it offered a limited number of Pennsylvania teacher certifications. Now, based on current enrollment and inquiries, the college has added more state certifications.

Published: January 30, 2019

Wilson Expands Teacher Certification Program to Include an Online-Only Option

Pennsylvania’s teacher shortage crisis is amping up interest in teaching careers. In response to the growing demand for teacher certification programs, Wilson College has expanded its former Teacher Intern Program (TIP), now offering an online-only certification program and a program for foreign language teachers, as well as the traditional program.

Published: September 6, 2018
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The Teacher Online Pathway (TOP) is recommended for students who live in Pennsylvania and beyond an 80-mile radius of Wilson College. On this pathway, there is an opportunity for students to complete all coursework in one academic year due to the compressed schedule. All of the courses for TOP are offered online, excluding student/intern teaching, so you can complete the work remotely. You must student/intern teach in Pennsylvania.

Teacher Certification Pathways

Achieve your teaching dreams

Bring your passion and experience into the classroom. If you have your bachelor's degree, start down the path to Pennsylvania teacher certification today.

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Wilson Recognizes Teacher Intern Program Completers

Twenty-eight students in the Wilson College Teacher Intern Program were recognized at a May 5 ceremony at the college.

Published: July 27, 2017

Foreign Language Intern Pathway (FLIP) PK-12 Certificate Requirements

If candidate is eligible for this program, all course work can be taken online excluding the Intern Practicum.

SPE 436: Early Childhood/Special Education Practicum

A 14-week clinical experience in local schools for students who pursue instructional dual certification for early childhood (Pre-K-4)/Special Education. Students observe school calendar, not college calendar.  Supplemented with the appropriate practicum seminar. Prerequisites: All professional coursework, permission of adviser.


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