Special projects within accounting classes also provide in-depth business knowledge. In a recent cost accounting class, students worked with a company of their choice to understand its current costing structure, analyze the system, and make recommendations for improvement. Margaret Stafford, an accounting major, reports the following about her experience:

"Wilson College’s Cost Accounting class thoroughly covered not only theory and practices but also tied what we were learning in class to the real world. My Costing Project gave me the opportunity to have a one-on-one interview with a local manager, to document an actual company’s costing approach, and to provide my own analysis of its methods. Sharing my results with my classmates and hearing theirs, as well, made what we learned in the classroom relevant and complete.”

-Margaret Stafford

Wilson students have taken their Accounting and Business knowledge to the workforce with much success. Accounting continues to be a very lucrative job for women, particularly women wanting to balance both work and family obligations, with many accounting firms and corporations offering flexible schedules, opportunities to work at home, and alternate work schedules.