Students who are completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications (Media Writing and Design) will demonstrate that they are

(1) persuasive professional communicators

Assignments which meet this goal will show the student’s command of

  • current media design and communications technologies
  • journalism and news media practices, ethics, and management
  • clear and organized writing styles, grammar, and syntax

(2) familiar with the field of media studies

Assignments which meet this goal will show the student’s knowledge of

  • the history and development of print and electronic media
  • major laws and regulations affecting media and communications
  • communications theories and methods used to analyze media issues

(3) proficiency with the field of digital design

Assignments which meet this goal will show the student’s grasp of

  • visual communication skills and best practices
  • basic hardware and software used in desktop and mobile publishing
  • key concepts and practices of media marketing and advertising

The first document in each portfolio will be a lengthy essay (typically 15-20 pages) that lists what is in the portfolio, names the course for which each item was produced, and explains its specific relevance to departmental goals. These materials may be written papers, journalistic assignments, even essay exams. Individual assignments can meet multiple goals. For instance, an article written for COM 201 Journalism I would likely show a mastery of the “persuasive professional writers” criterion. Similarly, a paper for an upper-division class might demonstrate knowledge of the “foundations of media studies.” Papers produced for upper-division courses in other departments may also be applied to these criteria. As a whole, therefore, the portfolio essay will be a reasoned argument that treats the portfolio’s materials as evidence of your development as a student. Developed during the final semester of your senior year, the portfolio is likely to include six to ten accomplished articles, papers, and/or exams in all.

Students will develop their portfolios during their senior year by enrolling in COM 400 Assessment Portfolio course.