In order to be granted entry into Wilson’s BSN program, students must complete the following two steps after they have been accepted to the college.

Required Qualifications for the BSN Program:

  • Successful completion of the following high school coursework:
    • 4 units of English
    • 3 units of Social Studies
    • 2 units of Mathematics, including Algebra
    • 2 units of Science, with related laboratories (or equivalent)
  • Complete and submit SAT, ACT, TEAS, or HESI w/ preferred minimum scores (please note that attaining the minimum score does not guarantee admission into the nursing program):
    • SAT (450 ERW + 450 M)
    • ACT (19 Composite)
    • TEAS (65%)
    • HESI (75%)

Applicants are encouraged to complete these steps immediately as the number of spaces in the program is limited.

Standardized Tests

TEAS Test Resources

TEAS Study Guides and Practice Tests:


All prospective BSN students MUST achieve preferred minimum scores on one of the following standardized tests: SAT, ACT, TEAS, or HESI.

If a student has existing scores from any of these four exams they may be submitted to the Office of Admissions for consideration. If the scores are more than five years old, the nursing committee may recommend that the student take a new exam.

Students that DO NOT have existing scores are encouraged to take the TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) exam. This exam is used in the admissions process by nursing and allied health programs nationwide. Although you may take the TEAS test at any site, if it is taken at Wilson College you will not incur a cost for sending scores to us.

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