Scholarships Available to Chemistry Majors: (contact Financial Aid or Admissions for more information)

Peggy Hurst ’46 Memorial Scholarship (preference for student in sophomore or junior year majoring in chemistry, physics, biology or mathematics)

Scholarship to Enhance Biology and Chemistry Learning and Research (SEBCLAR)

Viola Ohler ’35 and William H. Phillips Scholarship Endowment (preference given to full-time residential students majoring in mathematics or chemistry)

Awards and Honors available to Chemistry Majors

CRC Press General Chemistry Achievement Award - award given to student with highest grade in General Chemistry

Wilson College Organic Chemistry Achievement Award - award given to student with highest grade in Organic Chemistry

Americal Chemical Society Outstanding Chemistry Major Award - award presented at Southeastern PA Section of the American Chemical Society annual meeting to recognize outstanding achievement in Chemistry at Wilson College

Honors in the Chemistry major - students with a record of high academic achievement would be invited by faculty to complete a more rigorous, in depth research project as part of the senior capstone research project and if the final senior thesis is deemed acceptable would be awarded Honors in the major upon graduation

Margaret Criswell Disert ’20 Honors Scholarship - chemistry majors who are invited by faculty to complete Honors in the major will be eligible to apply for the campus-wide competition for this scholarship which provides funding for student research.  Award is given to Wilson college student from any discipline with proven record of high academic achievement, an outstanding research proposal, and strong recommendations from faculty as determined by panel of judges.