Education Programs

The education programs at Wilson are designed to develop professional competence through integration of theory, observation, practice and clinical experience.


Wilson College has been approved to participate in State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.

"Wilson was a great fit for me. With small class sizes, the education is individualized and classes were tailored to my specific content area as an education major. The faculty and professors of the education program were so helpful and wanted to see me reach my goals as much as I did. Additionally., Wilson's liberal arts classes helped me go above and beyond my major by helping me achieve a passing score to teach Spanish in addition to health and physical education."

-Kellyn Perry'21, Health & Physical Education, Central Fulton School District

"Wilson's Education Program and dedicated faculty provided me with critical instructional skills as well as an understanding of what it means to be every student's champion."

– Brenna Shilling '19, Early Childhood Education, Mifflin County School District

"From my first visit to the admissions office to finally walking across the platform to receive my diploma, Wilson College was the perfect choice for me to earn my Bachelor of Arts in Education because of its affordability, level of preparation for today's classroom, and incredibly supportive team of professors and educators. The professors and adjuncts in the education department are continually seeking ways to keep their curriculum and instruction engaging and relevant for the ever changing classroom environment. I would highly recommend Wilson College as a great place to build relationships and fulfill that lifelong dream of being a teacher."

- Fawn Stitely '17, Early Childhood Education, Waynesboro Area School District

"Being in the Adult Degree Program, I have needed extra guidance from the Education Department throughout my years at Wilson College. An already demanding schedule meant that I would need to find courses that fit my limited availability. The Education Department was consistently helpful in guiding me along my journey in becoming an educator. Wilson easily became my home away from home and the Education Department played no small part in making that happen.

- Amanda Kenney '17, English teacher, Waynesboro Area School District

"My experience in Wilson's education program has been very rewarding. This program has prepared and inspired me to make a difference in our world through education."

- Katelyn Wingerd '16, first-grade teacher, Gettysburg School District